April 16, 2017


Sydney-based duo Chymes released a new single “Bloom” last Friday. This is the first single released in advance of their second EP due out later this year. The duo consists of producer Cameron Taylor and singer/ songwriter Kiersten Nyman who met working on past projects. Their debut EP “Grow” came out in early 2016 and was met with praise. The EP was ranked #27 in the Top 50 Global Viral Charts on Spotify.

“Bloom” explores the relationship between a person who invests so much of their time helping a person they care about that they become consumed by it. The artists wrote the song about the “self exploration and growth we experience when we choose to no longer invest energy on the people who hold us back.”

On their Facebook page the duo describes their sound as the combination of “gently flirtatious beats and haunting lyrics.” The unique electro-pop vibe that comes out of this desired sound gives their music an interesting feel to it that makes it easy to listen to.

If “Bloom” is a good representation of what their sophomore EP will sound like, then it will definitely be worth checking out.

Listen here:

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