April 19, 2017


alxxa: “No pistols were involved in the making of this track.”

alxxa, who refers to herself as “a pink-haired songstress,” recently released her Gazzo-produced track, “Pistol.” So far, alxxa definitely has her own sound, and all three of her originals on SoundCloud speak to her brand. Electro pop is definitely her laneway; her crisp and breathy vocals glide seamlessly over the dark, bouncy production of “Pistol.” There’s a cool factor to the way she phrases her melodies that I greatly appreciate stylistically.

Of “Pistol,” alxxa says, “I decided I wanted to get expletive, pulling from a recent breakup. A lot of times as a writer, you get tied up in wanting to express things poetically, but in this case I wanted to just say things exactly as they happen.”

I love this sentiment; that we don’t always have to use metaphors, allusions and use wild imagery to tell a story or write expressive lyrics. Besides, why beat around the bush when you’re “thinking about us fucking in your living room?”

Take a listen to the parental-advised lyrics for yourself.

#electronic #alxxapistol

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