April 25, 2017


This transcendental track “Atoms” from electro-groove artist iamforest brings an ethereal mixture of haunting vocals, solid percussion and spacey synths. This is the leading single off iamforest’s upcoming Bridges EP which will try to amalgamate different genres and blend one’s listening experience.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada Luke Forest Hartle, aka iamforest, has tried his hand in many facets of musical expression and settled on electronic production. His new single “Atoms” explores existentialism poetically with lyrics like: “we run around and wonder why all the light you’ll ever see drifts away endlessly everything eventually starts again.” He’s posing questions that don’t necessarily have answers. However, provoking a discussion is sometimes more beneficial than finding out an answer anyways. With an over arching theme like this the melodic fusion of otherworldly synthesizers and a heavy beat are an appropriate background for contemplation under a starry sky.

#electronic #iamforestatoms

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