May 1, 2017


Boston-based indie rock band, Tipling Rock dropped their fresh new single titled, “A Side/ B Side.” The new jam is filled with indie, tropical beach/surf vibes, which ultimately makes me wish I was even more at Coachella this past weekend.

After releasing their 2015 EP, Punch Lines & Good Times, Tipling Rock has continued to release singles every couple of months. With their most recent being, “A Side/B Side” dropping earlier this month. Coupled with their cover art for the track, and the loose instrumental beat, Tipling Rock released a feel-good song for the summer, that makes me want to “chill by the seaside.”

The lyrics are simplistic with groovy guitar tracks,

“Well I guess I’m just a b side to you

I know that that doesn’t mean much to you

Well I’m chillin by the sea side

I won’t let you down”

Although the band has not mentioned a full – length album or date, this is definitely a band to keep an eye on for the future.

The band will performing in New York City this Saturday, April 22, 2016.

Here is a quote added from the band:

“The song is about the feeling of discovering that you don’t matter as much to someone else as much as they matter to you. The overarching metaphor throughout the song compares the situation to that of a record, where there is an A side and a B side — and the singer is finding that he is just a “B side” to the person he’s interested in. However, he’s simultaneously coming to peace with that, and as he sits by the beach he realizes that things will be ok.”

Check out “A Side/B Side” here:

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