May 2, 2017


Cashmere Cat, the Norwegian producer whose name is on everybody’s lips and whose music is on everyone’s playlist, finally has a full-length release. Meow.

The title track, “9 (After Coachella),” just got a video treatment that you can check out below. It’s one of my favourite videos to come out in a while. I think MO and Cashmere Cat could both benefit from a real introduction to the world, and this is kind of perfect.

Having already dropped four tracks prior to release, the range Cashmere presents on the album mirrors the diversity of his singles. He successfully transitions from genre to genre as if boundaries don’t exist; he’s definitely not a paint-by-numbers kind of guy. To no surprise, the diamond-piped Dangerous Woman appears on the album. Their track, “Quit,” is a slight departure from the tracks Cash usually produces for Ariana. Penned by Sia (among other people, including Ariana herself), “Quit” is likely to be a fan favourite for its use of percussion that feels very now, if you know what I mean.

One of my favourite parts of this album is seeing each featured artist’s name on the writing credits. Regardless of individual contributions, this shows me that each song was a true artistic collaboration. These kinds of albums are clearly the way of the future, and I think it’s time producers received their deserved notoriety. I would love to see more DJ/producers do fully realized albums like this… As long as it’s always better than David Guetta’s Nothing But the Beat. What’s better than a full collection of tracks by one producer, but with the added dynamics each vocal talent brings to the table? Nothing; that’s right.

Case in point, Cash and Ty Dolla $ign’s “Infinite Stripes” is a huge stand out among the list. The understated production and Ty’s affinity for simple melodies are a fantastic pair. Cash later displays his feline flexibility with help from Camila Cabello on “Love Incredible.” I will admit, this song had me from it’s release a few months back (and still does). There’s something so infectious about Cabello’s recording voice. As well, Cash seems to be toying with some serious vocal effects on this album and, in Cabello’s case, I’m into it. I’m not sure I like it as much on the track with Ariana, but you know what they say about opinions.

Other favourites include “Europa Pools” with Kacy Hill and “Night Night” with Kehlani. My only complaint about “Night Night” is that I wish it were longer, which goes for the entire album, too. More, Cashmere Cat. We want more!

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