May 9, 2017


The sound of Manchester, UK’s band Twelve24 is a blend of rap, pop and EDM, and known for it’s uplifting and faith-inspired messages. Often sprouting smooth vocals and danceable beats, their new single, “What You Got” is no exception. It’s a tropical dance jam perfect to get your summer nights going. The song is simple, “I need love, I need freedom, tell me that’s what you got,” followed by some oohs and ahhs. It promotes an optimistic idea that love can fix a broken heart.

Twelve24 has, and continues to take their fun, good-hearted music around the world. Now with three albums and numerous singles under their belt, the group has built up a global following. The founding members Josh and Ryan, who come from both sides of the pond- the UK and the US have been known to find new talent to collaborate with and bring these musicians on the road with them. You can hear different vocals and musical influences throughout the group’s music, making this EDM-driven band more than your typical electronic band.

Check out “What You Got,” and find Twelve24 somewhere across Europe this summer, spreading the good vibes of their music.

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