May 11, 2017


XamVolo is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, ex-architecture student from Liverpool, and he already has a critically-acclaimed EP, titled Chiralty. I’m out of breath… it’s clear this guy is not only talented, but also has more drive than a Nascar race. OK, so my sports references are below average.

“Old Soul” is his latest release, and perhaps the first single off of his upcoming album, which he’s currently working on in the studio. If you’re already a fan of XamVolo, you should enjoy “Old Soul.” It’s by no means a departure from his melodically intricate, cooler-than-cool soul vibes, though it does feel particularly lighter than his previous releases — the strings, synth and even the vocal melodies all sit a bit higher than in some of his other songs. The “lazy” beat, as XamVolo put it, is too perfect for words, and so is the scat portion in the bridge section, especially as he matches pitch with the strings in falsetto as dynamics build. There’s quite a bit happening on this track, co-produced by Bruno Major, and I needed a few listens to digest all of the individual happenings.

His debut album, being released by Universal worldwide, will definitely be on our “to buy” list. But until then, we can all listen to “Old Soul” and groove TF out.

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