May 12, 2017


You may previously recognize ANDRO’s voice and face from the electro-funk band JUNGLE, for which he was the lead vocalist. His song Afterlife is what he is using to propel himself into the solo artist’s life, and I don’t think he could have gone for a more vocally or lyrically powerful song.

As his stage name suggests, ANDRO is all about destroying the norms and biases that come with the ideas of masculinity and femininity. This support of androgyny is heard heavily in his lyrics, as well as seen visually in the video for this song. Almost as soon as you push ‘play’ on the video, you know that you’re in for a gender-free discourse as the words “I define my masculinity and femininity. Not you.” flash across the screen. Immediately after, a deep bass hits your ears, only to be contrasted by notably effeminate, yet unignorably powerful vocals. Throughout the song ANDRO harmonizes himself, proving his unmatchable range.This song, and ANDRO’s voice, remind me somewhat of Adam Lambert, both in style and in sound. However, ANDRO possesses a certain level of confidence that I cannot quite describe beyond saying that it is just there. Not only is it present in the song, but it also makes me as a listener feel unstoppable. As for his video, I may be reading into it a bit, but it seems to be a subtle homage to the late and great Prince. At one point, ANDRO is seen staring directly into the camera, wearing an oversized hat (with a purple brim), purple lights surrounding him (purple rain, anyone?), and a moustache that resembles the iconic one that Prince used to wear. This homage is beyond suitable, as Prince was also known for his unapologetic androgynous presentation.

Overall, ANDRO’s Afterlife is a refreshing change from the all-too-popular aggressive masculinity, and dainty femininity, that is present in much of today’s mainstream music. I don’t know about you, but I hope to hear and see a lot more of artists giving a not-so-subtle “Fuck You” to gender norms. Hopefully it’ll help more people define their own masculinity and femininity, in true ANDRO style.

#indiepop #androafterlife

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