April 6, 2017


Charli XCX released her new album Number 1 Angel last month, and “White Roses” stands out as a frontrunner. Overall, it feels like the production on this album is much more simplistic than I’m used to from her previous single releases. I have to say, I do miss the “Boom Clap” excitement, but this particular track eases the longing.

The track, produced by A.G Cook, is dripping in sex, and I don’t just mean the lyrics. From the laid-back tempo to Charli’s breathy falsetto, she’s definitely created a theme. That said, each piece in this musical orgy has its room to breathe. Her vocal delivery, the simple but effective percussion and the lyrics all stand on their own without being overpowered. Perhaps I’m okay with the “Boom Clap” era being over. Check out the track — do you agree?

#indiepop #charlixcx

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