May 16, 2017


With one foot in Toronto and another in LA, JP SAXE released his new single “Changed” on April 21st. When you first hear the beginning of the song, you start getting captivated and involved with its melody and JP’s soothing voice. Lyrically, “Changed” sets you for a surprise. The singer really hits you right in the feels. When explaining his thought process, JP explains that he wrote the song about someone he caught himself thinking about out of the blue.

He started reminiscing the memories he and this person had together back in Toronto, under now the cold Los Angeles weather. He expresses in the song his changes since meeting the girl, his moving on, along with his memory of affection, as each person you get yourself romantically involved with will always possess a part of you, and you of them. “Changed” will awake that part of you; will take you back into your romantic past calmingly.

JP premiered his single, created with producer Ryan Marrone (M83, Morgnx and Little Monarch) with Ones To Watch. Previously working as a songwriter, now the singer is aiming to solidify his career as an artist.

You can listen to “Changed” at all major music-streaming services. It is also featured on Spotify playlists Chill Vibes, New Indie Mix, and We Found New Music.

Keep in tune as JP SAXE is releasing more new music this summer!

*Hint* watch below closely once playing 😉

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