May 17, 2017


Swedish singer/songwriter, Emma Elisabeth, recently released a new track off of her “We Gotta Talk” EP, titled “Kiss of Gasoline”.

This indie-pop singer’s sound is effortless and distinctive, with a playful and classical lyrical approach. She draws upon influences such as Stevie, Debbie, and Dolly, and this definitely comes across in her new track.

When asked about “Kiss of Gasoline”, the singer responded:

“This song has been messing with me from the start. I was at home in Höllviken looking after my parents house and I did an all-nighter. I hammered on my dads classical guitar and drank wine and wrote it in solitude. No, Ozzy the pug was there too. Then I re-wrote the melody, the lyrics, the middle eight, changed the structure, asked a friend to help me out. And in the studio we tried out so many ideas, changed sounds, arrangements, vocal takes. It’s a real bastard. But I love it. It’s another bitter sweet story of mine”.

Give the track a listen.

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