May 18, 2017


For Minnesota born singer, jAQC, this truly is the time to grab our attention. Her newest single, and first taster from her upcoming EP, Cosmic Affairs, “This is the Time” is a bold step forward. Showcasing a sound that she has moulded into an electro-pop and R&B fusion, the track is a fresh and seductive elicitor of her own making. Already catching media attention, with industry heavy weights such as MTV, Billboard and Spotify highlighting her talent, the new single further proves her ability to captivate.

“This is the Time,” keeps to the tone of the electro-pop that we can hear in jACQ’s earlier releases, but it pushes further to the dark, edgier fashion of the singer’s persona. It’s a track that exudes confidence, and promotes euphoria without any shame. “I wanna to wrap myself in all the things that lift me up/All the inspiration keeps me breathing,” she sings. It’s incredibly self-aware, but at the same time, it doubles as a fantastical and romanticized idea of pleasure and sexuality. jACQ may be a dreamer, but her boldness and uninhibited nature let’s her persona become both dream-like and the focal point of the song.

With such a powerful introduction to her new music, it will only be an anxious wait to hear the full EP.

Stay tuned, and listen to “This is the Time” here:

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