May 20, 2017


Bordeaux, France based producer and singer/songwriter, Nuit Ocean released the video for his new song “Rain” later last month. Newer to the music scene, Nuit Ocean sound is slow, electronic and smooth in nature, and is the ideal music to listen to when you in a melancholy kind of mood. Earlier this year, Nuit Ocean released his EP titled Island via Maison Ainsi. Now just three short months later, the talented artist is back at it again with his new song “Rain.” The new single “Rain” is comparable to Island, in the same laidback sound. Nuit Ocean explains, “It is a love story, which tells the duality that is expressed in it when one does not know where he is in the relationship amorous. Rain is the symbol that bad things happen when you least expect it.“ The artist continues to explain, “For the video, we wanted to show the complexity of the project “Night Oceān.” The rough side of the night and sweetness of the ocean. The director of the video, Insomni, had the freedom to make the video. The alchemy worked well.” Nuit Ocean is currently working on a full-length album, and will release a few songs this summer.

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