May 24, 2017


After Funk is a Toronto-based funk (duh?) band that has shared the stage with none other than guitar-sharing musical group, Walk Off The Earth. There are so many words that can be used to describe them, but I think Live for Live Music says it best when they describe After Funk as “the grooviest band north of the border”. Their new song, ‘FREAK’, proves this endlessly. It starts off with a powerful rock guitar, only to add some 60s-inspired synth music and vocals suitable for an old-school school dance. There is without a doubt in my mind that this song was created for dancing. As I’m sitting in a small-town Ontario Tim Hortons listening to the song and writing this review, I’m finding it hard to sit still (shoutout to Jeff Hazin on the production), and I’m not one to dance at just any song. ‘FREAK’ is all about loving people, loving life, and just feeling good in general. All of the positive feelings brought on by this song are only amplified around the 2:20 mark, when a cool (groovy? nifty? lit af?) guitar rift kicks in. Lyrically, this song is relatively simple. Which isn’t at all a bad thing! It just leaves room for the listener to be able to fully appreciate the instrumentally complex and all-encompassing aspects of the song. If one of your favourite Broadway soundtracks is from Hairspray, or if you’re a fan of reinvented vintage-sounding music, then I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you’ll love this song. Released in 2017, but still passing as a classic to the unknowing listener, this song is far from disappointing.

#freakafterfunk #indierock

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