May 24, 2017


KUIZZ’s new track “Away” is an unexpected and refreshing take on electro-pop. The rock influences and guitar solo tasters shine, as do the musician’s liquid smooth vocals. KUIZZ, who is Malaysian born, is a multitalented artist. As a producer and engineer he has a smart insight into sound. As a vocalist, he lends a certain kind of catharsis and emotion to his lyrics that seem to tell stories of his own heartbreak.

“Away” is proof of his songwriting abilities. In each listen, different elements are uncovered and the track’s meaning deepens. While this is clear in instrumentation, there is heavy distortion hiding under a pop melody, it is also clear in the lyrics. The story tells about KUIZZ’ feeling of emptiness when he returns home to a town where someone important no longer lives.

As a follow up to his first EP, “Till The End,” the musician is set to be releasing a second EP in September. “Away” sets the tone for a promising sound off this next EP, and an applaudable new single to follow up his previous one.

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