May 26, 2017


Foresteater is a Candy-Grunge band whose sound is a hybrid of psychedelic pop punk and grunge. Mikey Pro (singer/songwriter) started the band in 2015, after waking up from a dream about “a band playing on an island in outer-space, surrounded by electric rainbows.” That’s not a bad way of describing Foresteater’s music at all. Foresteater dropped a killer track called “Very Friendly People” on May 19. The song was accompanied by the official music video, which reminded me something by The Used, with some Green Day mixed in. The video projects a “psycho killer” vibe that gave me chills, but it still managed to engagingly tell the tale of a girl who just wants to gain acceptance and fit in. “I represent the ‘nightlife’ in phantom form and slowly get closer and closer to Patty until she is completely consumed”, said Mikey Pro. The song itself is very energetic; from the very beginning it pumps out hot beats, enticing vocals, and splashes of grunge electric guitar. “Very Friendly People” is a great listen and I easily got lost in the tune. Foresteater is heading out on tour this June for their US West Coast tour. They’ll be hitting up stops in CA, WA, OR, NV and AZ. If you enjoy “Very Friendly People”, then make sure to check out their EP, entitled “Nightlife of the Exploding Heads.”

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