May 27, 2017


It was only last year that Kaytranada blessed us with his full-length release, 99.9%. Now he’s back with Ocean Montana, a five-track EP, giving 110%. The EP features up-and-coming Compton rapper, Buddy. I hadn’t heard of Buddy prior to today, but, after listening to “Shine,” I get the hype; he’s slick, sultry and smart with his lyrical flow and vocals. I couldn’t pick one track from Ocean Montana that Buddy stands out on most — he brings something different to each track. The chorus on “Find Me,” his flow “Guillotine” and the lyrics on “World of Wonders” sum up briefly my three new reasons play Buddy on repeat.

The beats, by the way, are perfect. Kay did so many things within this five-track EP, it’s astonishing. Where production is concerned, “World of Wonders” and “Guillotine” are probably my favourite — they both have a similar old-school-but-fresh vibe.

Well, Kay, you did it again. Take my money!

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