May 31, 2017


From all corners of the world, Chris Ayer’s “Stay Another Night” has the same hypnotic effect to audiences: it enacts the deepest feelings. Released on May 19th, 2017, the new single has a worldwide distribution throughout all digital platforms.

With over a decade worth of music devotion around New York City, Ayer moved to Los Angeles and experienced the “going viral experience”, having his music travelling between Europe and the United Kingdom. With a wide collection of shows both domestically and internationally, Chris is going on tour across the US with a stop in Amsterdam at AFAS Live in support of Matt Simons. Chris is also performing at the PinkPop Festival in The Netherlands, alongside Green Day, Martin Garrix and Kings of Leon.

In collaboration with Dutch DJ and producer Palm Trees, “Stay Another Night” is an upbeat single and narrates the falling out of a relationship in its lyrics. Ayer portrays the grief and the avoidance of a definite goodbye.

Make sure to check his single at all digital platforms, including Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify and many other ones.

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