May 31, 2017


Coming straight at us with his new form of experimental trap is Capshun. Dallas, Texas’ next big electronic producer whom isn’t afraid to test out new sounds, and stray away from industry norms.

Capshun has been working hard lately dropping a multitude of tracks over the last month, and has built a playlist currently consisting of six original productions under the title of “Covfefe” which may or may not be a reference to President Trump’s now infamous tweet in which he tweeted “Despite the constant negative press convfefe”. The now deleted tweet in which seemed to be a typo has since been deleted. Each production held under Capshun’s “Convfefe” playlist carry’s his unique trap sound that offers something similar to the lines of glitch hop, and sounds of digital manipulation.

The first track off of “Convfefe” is titled “Matsumoto” and stands out as my favourite song off the collection. Immediately the listener can enjoy the serene chords often associated with Japanese culture, and the relaxing sounds of birds chirping before the song even really gets started. Before long the bass becomes more prominent which is when the head bopping starts to set in. The vague sounds of alarms can be heard in the distance before the production drops into seemingly an entire new song, filled with digital synths and glitches left, right, and center. Nearing the end of the track hears a resurgence of the opening chords though with an entirely new twist associated with them before the sounds of birds chirping come back to complete the 360, and create a perfectly sounding outro.

“Slide” with Harlyyn, Boy Jugo (Capshun’s brother), and Jahn is the second track on the collection and offers some more of Capshun’s signature sounds with a spin on Calvin Harris’ track of the same name featuring Frank Ocean, and Migos. The outro contains some sounds that offer a video game aesthetic that ties everything up quite well. “Iwannavisitjapan”, & “Whatissleep” with Harlyyn offer some more hard hitting “Flume” like production with that digital manipulation sound that screams Capshun. “Legend” with Jato offers up some eerie future based production reminiscent of something you might hear while floating through space. The final track on the collection with its relaxing overnight vibes is the kind of track I’d love to play at night chilling on a balcony. Fitting the vibe, this song is called “stayedupallnightmakingthis” and closes out Convefefe perfectly.

In a time where it is all too easy to follow industry norms and the sound of the mainstream, Capshun does his best to strive away and create something never before heard and it really shows. Considering Capshun has been very active posting tracks over the last few months, let’s hope he has something up his sleeve that he’s waiting to unleash. Capshun has quickly shot up my list of top producers. Capshun may or may not be also working on something with NU’s Ellis 😉

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