May 31, 2017


22-year-old producer Mookhi returns with a critically praised EP “Lost & Found”, which offers the stunning track “Lacunae”. The track is described as an “exploration between old and new” and is accompanied by a video of archival footage to symbolize the theme.

The video appears in black and white, adding to the sentimental value of the animate instrumentals. Clips of antique cars and railways appear along with historic theatre and natural disasters. The track compliments the video as it takes you back and forth between the growths of generations. It really has your mind wandering to how things were many years ago versus how the world appears today.

Mookhi describes the motivation behind the clip by sharing,

“I used modern techniques to synthesize sounds, but purposely treated them to capture an old, tattered, barely-in-tune vibe. This same idea permeated through to the creation of the video clip. I spent long hours rifling through old 35mm archival footage, being very particular in my selection. I wanted each frame to hold some symbolism or emotional effect. I wanted people to think after they watch it.”

Mookhi has been gaining the support of triple j, Spotify, community radio and worldwide blogs since releasing her EP “Lost & Found” as well as the standout single “Foul Play” (featuring Billy Fox). She is working on her sophomore EP which is due for release in the upcoming months. In the meantime Mookhi will be making an appearance around Australia including their most prestigious, sold out festival “Splendour in the Grass” Friday July 21st-Sunday July 23rd.

View and listen to Lacunae here:

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