June 1, 2017


This past Friday, London producer, Haides released his debut EP, Faith. Earlier this year, he gave us a preview of his sleek, R&B inspired sound with “Need This.” The title track “Faith” followed afterwards. Both songs feature soulful singers, and boast the multi-faceted influences that weave through Haides’ musical style.

Callum Garvey, better known to us as Haides, was drawn to electronic music from listening to DJ heavy weights Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren. Haides took in the these trance sounds and combined them with his interest for Dubstep to make his own style come to life. What comes from this is Faith, a four track EP that grips us with the moodier sounds of European House music.

The EP begins with “Open,” an instrumental piece that gives us a sense of the producer’s sound. It’s a short track, running just over 2 minutes, and acts as a sort of introduction to the three more emotional songs that will follow. “Need This,” is melodic, and decorated with light piano chords. It’s a much softer side to Haides than anything else on the album. “Faith,” the star track, features Adam James, and provokes a more up-tempo beat on a somewhat low-key dance song. Haides explains that the track describes “the emotions that come with a deteriorating relationship.” He also discusses how effortlessly the track came together in working with James.

The final song is “Communications” with Camila Grey. It’s slower than “Faith” and almost reflects on some chamber-pop tonalities. It’s much more haunting than anything you may hear on the dance floor, but further demonstrates the versatility of this budding young artist.

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