June 1, 2017


Rusty Redden and Loren Moore make up the hard driven power duo Wildera. The two attended Berklee College of Music and later bonded after becoming bunkmates and performing songs in their dorm every night. Their college experience is exactly what we can envision when listening to “The Only”.

Wildera performs creative sounds of melodic rock and eerie synth edge. The loud, wild and harmonic garage grit gives listeners a carefree, energetic vibe. It gets our heads bobbing along and imagining ourselves at a concert with drinks in our hands and great company around us.

“The Only” was inspired by the angst and confusion felt with coming home to someone who no longer loved or paid attention to you. Rusty does an excellent job with channeling this weight on the track. The lyrics portray a word for word on what would have been said if he had a chance. He mentions that she makes him feel like he disappeared and how it’s a habit that we break into what we give into. It’s relatable in the sense that sometimes we find ourselves giving into less than what we deserve in a relationship. We make sacrifices and excuses when love is involved until there comes a point when we feel empty and there is not much else to give. Wildera sings: “Just thought I thought you knew/ You feel me looking through you/ You ain’t the only one”, suggesting that the feeling is mutual and there is nothing that can save the relationship at this point.

Fans can agree that this song, from the beginning, is catchy and momentous. Wildera has been performing at bars along the U.S. and you can catch them at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA on June 29th.

Take a listen to The Only here:

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