June 13, 2017


Californian folk singer/songwriter Arielle Vakni and South African alternative producer Vicente Espi inspire listeners with their new song ‘Blood’ as powerful electronic duo ANIMA!

The voice and sound of ANIMA! is truly inspirational. Arielle’s indie-style, passionate vocals against an EDM melody motivates us to call and act on our inner-voices. She sings:

“It’s in the air, it’s in the atmosphere I can hear but I can’t tell what it’s telling me Too many sides to a story, all these colors and shapes I’m afraid if I love it, they won’t agree.”

What we can take from these lyrics are that everybody has their own perspective on something. Whether it’s a new song on the radio, a movie that just came out or a job that they want to pursue. It encourages us to live the life we want for ourselves. While someone may be telling us that the job we desire isn’t ideal or the new song we enjoy isn’t great, our inner-voices telling us the job is perfect or the new song is our favourite is the voice we should really be listening to. We should not fear what others may think or say. At the end of the day, the opinions of others don’t matter because only we ourselves know what makes us happy and successful. We are following our dreams, not the dreams of others.

Their name was inspired by its meaning: the breath of life in each of us. Real life situations and emotions motivate their lyrics as you have read above. ANIMA! has released a new EP titled “Art:Work” and they describe their album by sharing:

“These are songs for anyone who makes something. They are songs that celebrate giving yourself to something that you love—music, art, agriculture, science, hula-hooping-whatever. They are songs for anyone who’s put in work to get better at something just because they enjoy doing it. These are songs for the people who try to turn their passions into a living. These are songs for the people who were told they can’t. These are songs for anybody that questions the ideas of a ‘real job’. These are songs for anybody that questions the ideas of an ‘artist’”

Take a listen to “Blood”, (which was featured on Spotify’s New Indie Mix) on their SoundCloud page:

Also be sure to check out their EP for more inspirational tracks!

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