June 13, 2017


After almost six years of hiatus, Leslie Feist returned to the stage at Fort York for Field Trip Festival two nights in a row. The first night was as a part of musical collective Broken Social Scene. The Sunday night, and final night, she played on her own. Starting off with the title track from her latest album “Pleasure,” the artist immediately engaged the crowd. Her album has only been out for a month, released April 28th, 2017, and already audiences know the words and were singing along with her. This speaks to the almost iconic nature of Feist as a Canadian artist, who has been around and known since she was 18 and moved to Toronto. For over 20 years, Feist has grown with the audiences that listen to her, and connected to listeners with her folky-pop sounds and poetic lyrics.

For her show at Field Trip she stuck to songs from her newest album Pleasure, and her album “The Reminder” from 2007, an album that seems to be on everyone’s mind with this latest album release.

Feist played the acoustic and electric guitar, and used a loop pedal to harmonize with herself. On stage with her was a multi-talented three-person band, including a keyboardist who brought out a violin for certain numbers.

The Canadian artist ended her set by sharing a moment with her audience. She spoke of how the song “1234” blew up unexpectedly ten years ago and took her on a whirlwind. After this she played a stripped down, acoustic version of the song. This showed her growth as an artist, and gave insight into the introspective songwriter and what has now led her to a place where she could write an album like “Pleasure.”

A dynamic and compelling performer, Feist had the audience with her from start to finish.

[Photos courtesy of Brendan Albert (Aesthetic Magazine)]

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