June 14, 2017


Toronto band Jane’s Party has been playing together since 2006. The pop-rock quartet started in a garage at Jane and Finch and now has three full studio albums under their belts. The band members include Devon Richardson, Tom Ionescu, Jeff Giles and Zach Sutton. They have toured with The Arkells, Sam Roberts Band, Blue Rodeo, Stars and many more. Their third album was produced by Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keeler and recorded at his farm in Southern Ontario. The album “Tunnel Visions” is about being on the road and growing up/ coming to terms with life. In May 2017, Jane’s Party released Tunnel reVisions a retake on their 2016 album Tunnel Visions.

The song “Ciggy Buzz” shows their pop side. With a folky sounding, repetitive guitar riff, it has an upbeat and heartfelt feeling to it. On the chorus, it sounds like the whole band is singing together, which makes the song feel kind of like friends just jamming together, reminiscent of their garage band days. The Blue Rodeo influences are definitely very clear in this song. There is also a sax solo, which seems to almost replace a bridge, giving some sophistication to this light-hearted folky-pop song.

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