June 17, 2017


Toronto’s own singer/songwriter Taylor Knox is back with a newly released LP called “LOVE”, where high energy and catchy pop vocals take center stage. This vocalist’s journey began with his 2015 EP “Lines” which saw the arrival of a rare breed of artist. One whose instincts naturally harmonize with the power of pop, crunchy guitars, and tales of teenage love, and heartbreak.

“My partner and I got married last year, so there was certainly a lot of inspiration from our eight-year journey together,” Knox says. “But writing love songs was a conscious decision for many reasons. I used to think love songs were boring and ‘too easy’ to write, but I came to realize that, if anything, it’s more of a challenge to write a song about love and not resort to clichés. Love is also what the world needs right now.”

Released via Cadence Music, “LOVE” offers 11 unique tracks with each being a perfect fit for the aesthetic of the project. The second track entitled “The Stars” was also the second track to be dropped leading up to the release of full LP, and for those who aren’t yet well versed with Taylor Knox, serves as a great introduction to the artist. Immediately the track slaps the listener with a fast paced drumline before some catchy guitar rifts are thrown into the mix setting up some great vibes for the rest of the track. Shortly after, Taylor’s vocals come through so smooth and seamlessly, that it seems as though his specific vocals, and the instrumentation were made for each other. The energy on this one is sure to resonate with any listener, and creates one of those tracks if you throw on as soon as you wake up, you’ll be smiling for the rest of the day.

“I wanted to make a record where it felt as if every song was essential to the end result,” he says. “For example, a song like ‘The Stars’ has a certain good feeling right off the first drum hit. I wrote it walking around my old neighbourhood in Toronto where I lived when I first moved to the city. It was nighttime and I was feeling very hopeful and nostalgic. I think I was able to convey that feeling in three minutes.”

Along with Taylors direct, and enticing approach on indie pop, “LOVE” enjoys some welcomed additions in the form of many unique collaborations. Afie Jurvanen (aka Bahamas) produced a few tracks alongside Josh Korody, and the mixing team of Gus Van Go, and Werner F. While Jurvanen offers some of his trademark guitar stylings, Knox handles most of the instrumentation by himself. Knox’s good friend Molly Rankin (of Alvvas) also contributed background vocals on several tracks, including “Running Into Love”.

Taylor Knox has officially arrived with his new LP “LOVE”, and it’s everything we had hoped for, and so much more. Whether you’re playing Knox at your family barbeque, in the shower before a tough day, walking through your city, or just looking to listen to some good tunes, Knox will be there with something that will hit you just right.

“What it comes down to is having confidence without being afraid to be vulnerable at the same time. I think that’s definitely noticeable on this record.”

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