June 20, 2017


Sit back, relax, and drift along to the newest single “Something More” by Patrick Fiore, better known as Noble Oak. The song’s overall quality will easily take you to a dreamy place. The reverb in the track, common to Noble Oak’s musical style, accompanies vocals in the form of a lullaby.

“On the day I was released from a job that moved me across the country, I felt a sudden realization that I had nothing left to lose or focus on but music, and that it should always be the only focus. The song spilled out in a way that made me feel like a passenger to my own process, as if I was watching it take shape before me.” Said Fiore about the process writing “Something More”.

Patrick Fiore studied classical piano from a young age. This juvenile aptitude towards music ultimately developed into a serious inclination for song writing, mastering multiple instruments and refining his production skills.

It is possible that you have already become familiar with the 25-year old Vancouver native seeing as his music has been featured on multiple online outlets like Thump, DIY, Indie Shuffle, Yours Truly and CLASH Magazine. BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart and Rob da Bank have also played his lovely melodies recently.

Check out the new single “Something More” on Noble Oak’s Soundcloud below.

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