June 29, 2017


Both visually and musically, Tunnel Vision’s relevance to the all too familiar modern relationship of hiding behind screens contains a powerful message about the importance of being present in the world around us. Upcoming Toronto-based artist and no stranger to our blog, Tyler Schwende who performs under the name BRANT, released his debut EP titled “All In Your Head” back in October. Matthew Vlahovich, from ex-Canadian group Young Empires, is the producer behind the haunting alt/pop sound. A standout on the 5-track EP, “Tunnel Vision” really emphasizes the often contradicting, but in this case, complimentary nature of BRANT- a singer/songwriter who has vocals characterized by powerful notes as well as subtlety. Evidently, his lyrics take on this dichotomy of opposite principles with depictions of “light and dark, yin and yang, the battle between each side of the brain.” This freshly released video for “Tunnel Vision” highlights the harsh reality of being disconnected from the outside world with the reliance of devices. It captures how moments of opportunity can be missed altogether when we choose to disengage with real life.

Give it a watch and follow BRANT on Twitter and Instagram or like his Facebook Page to stay posted on this local artist’s journey.

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