July 4, 2017


Roots in both Portland and California, Freaks of the Sea just released their debut single, “Hypocrite”, off their upcoming album, Western Medicine on June 17th, 2017.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, you are in for a treat! Grabbing from such influences as Beck, Tame Impala, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Chet Faker, Fleetwood Mac and Amy Winehouse, Freaks of the Sea are the perfect alternative jam.

Freaks of the Sea (consisting of Christopher Thompson and Alec Berkley ) only came together in December 2015, having an already established relationship together, the boys quickly released their first EP, Mercurial. Now just a short year later, they are back at it again with “Hypocrite.”

CT explains, “Hypocrite is bold because so many songs are so ambiguous. It’s alternative bubblegum with a sarcastic cherry on top.”

He goes further on to explain the story behind the song and music video,

“A 21st century boy grows up living in the shadow of his father. His mother tells him he is special, that he has a unique gift to offer to this world without specification. After excelling throughout adolescence and fleeing his nest, he realizes that he has nothing special to offer. He is simply a cog in the machine, another foot soldier trudging directionless into the 9 to 5, eyes glazed, and locked into a screen. The only real gift he possesses is the gift of a digital life…. Power up, Log in, Conform. He is a hypocrite now, the ideas he believes in most are the traits he dislikes the most in himself.”

Check it out here:

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