July 5, 2017


After his last album “Kid Chrome” garnered both praise and attention, young success DJ Oski is back with a refreshing EP titled ‘Kid Calamity’. The bass-heavy artist, hailing from Sydney, Australia, is certainly redefining the boundaries of genre with his collaborative approach, integrating trap, dubstep, hip hop, drum and bass into his sound. There is no denying that Oski has a keen ear for diversity, and all four tracks in the EP provide an inherently unique listening experience. The third track off this new release, “Bad” featuring Anuka, embodies everything that the title promises. The alluring vocals are accompanied by a handful of familiar samples, and a gritty bass line that make this track a standout. Oski even incorporates familiar The Good, The Bad & The Ugly motif as a build up before the drop. The carefree nature of the lyrics and vocals is polarized with hard-hitting tones, creating a constant clash of emotion. The DJ has overtly acknowledged his use of opposition throughout his creative process, which plays a defining role in this particular song. Oski speaks about the overall vibe of his EP describing it as “Naturally occurring, yet artificially constructed; familiar, yet unfamiliar. These are the themes that remain constant throughout my music. ‘Kid Calamity’ is the culmination of a whole series of happy mistakes and perfect imperfections, wrapped up in a neat little bow.” There is no doubt that Oski is positioning himself in the scene as a force to be reckoned with, and as a result, is expanding his fan base. You don’t want to sleep on this up and coming artist!

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