July 9, 2017


New Orleans band MUTEMATH released the first single “Hit Parade” off their fifth studio LP “Play Dead.” The GRAMMY nominated band includes Paul Meany, Roy Mitchell-Cardenás, Darren King, Todd Gummerman and Jonathan Allen. Formed in 2003, the electronic-experimental rock band released this track early June 2017. Although there doesn’t seem to be any official release date for the full album, tickets their tour PLAY DEAD LIVE are already on sale as of last week.

“Hit Parade” is intended to show a different side of MUTEMATH who see themselves as constantly evolving. Frontman Paul Meany says, “This is the first song we’ve ever recorded that sounds like what MUTEMATH set out to sound like from the very beginning.”The strong and exciting percussion under the strong vocals and harmonies keeps the song moving and gives it that rock feel. This song gives the impression that the band put a lot of thought into what it would be, and how they wanted it to come across.

That work paid off with this song, and hopefully the rest of the LP will follow in the footsteps of it’s first single.

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