July 10, 2017


HAUS is a killer alternative rock 5-piece band from London, England with influences from many different genres, such as Rock, Hip Hop and Electronic. HAUS is quickly becoming one of the most talked about bands in the UK, which is all the more impressive considering that they only being formed in 2014. Their presence on the London music scene has definitely been noticed. NME called them “a powerful celebration of London’s diversity.” HAUS’ new five-track EP, produced by Alex Robertshaw, features the new single ‘Don’t Care Enough’. ‘Don’t Care Enough’ was released only two weeks ago and has already left an amazing impression. It is easily the catchiest song HAUS has released to date; it is incredibly upbeat and lively. ‘Don’t Care Enough’ just might be your new favourite party song because its super easy to sing along and dace your heart out to. HAUS displays interesting rock vocals and EDM beats, giving the tune a truly unique sound. HAUS front man Ashley Mulimba explains the EP’s inspiration “This EP highlights the main questions people are quite often scared to address, (as cliché as it sounds) why are we actually here and what is our purpose? Why is GOD and life after death such a big topic in our everyday lives at least some of it isn’t the truth? What mysteries lie beyond the reach of our senses?” Take a listen to HAUS’ ‘Don’t Care Enough’ right here. WARNING you just might fall in love!


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