July 11, 2017


This is the voice we have been waiting for. In her newest debut single, “Runner”, Canadian singer & songwriter Patricia Stone shows off her chords alongside melodic piano and violin harmonies.

Stone starts the song off by coming in soft, with an almost country girl style voice, then continues to show off her power pipes as the song progresses. Musically, the song seems tranquil, almost reminiscent of a symphony. However, much like a symphony, the notes, combined with her lyrics, tell a story;

“You told me I would be great / You knew exactly I would break / Holes and pieces you picked it up and threw it back in my face… / Glass shattered from the pictures on the wall / The picture didn’t picture this at all / I’ve got / I’ve got a runner for a lover / I’ve got a runner / For a lover…”

Stone uses this verse to showcase her vocal skills and range. The lyric, in addition to her range, express the stress and passion for the message the song is sending. Her frustrations vocalized through her range, rather than just her lyrics. The fluctuation in her pitch is similar to the stylings of a 20-something-year-old Christina Aguilera. One of the noticeable aspects of this song is the use of scale. The pattern of starting the song / lyric off soft, then scaling notes to harmonize. The piano keys accompanying her vocals make this song sound like a heartbreak lullaby.

Lyrically, she seems frustrated that her relationship with her partner is insecure. The song tells a story of arguments, confusion, indecision, and inability to either sh*t or get off the pot. Whether romantically or platonically, I think we can all relate to these emotions; getting tired of playing the waiting game.

The track comes to an end on a powerful lyric; “I won’t break / I’m not done / I won’t quit / I won’t run / You’ve got me feeling numb / You told me I’m the one / I’m bleeding I’m so tired I admit…”. The feeling of frustration, but also closure is floating between the words, sending chills through your auditory sensory.

With a breakdown finish to the song, it ends strong, showcasing her incredible vocal talent. Ending the song as it began, the piano and violin slowly and melodically take the listener to a thoughtful, yet content place. As if the audience, as well as Stone, obtained a type of closure from the “Runner” Lover.

If you liked the track, stay tuned for the Official Music Video release in July 2017!

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