July 10, 2017


Now, this is an artist I was so stoked that I had the opportunity to listen to. After releasing his debut album “Saviors” last year, Toronto based Shan Vincent de Paul returns with a more soulful approach with his new single “Zen”. Produced by Melbourne based Amy Axegale, the track highlights SVDP’s ability to effortlessly glide between rap and soulful melodies. The beats he uses kind of reminds of some tracks from Bryson Tiller’s “Trap Soul” album. The song cover as well was done perfectly. I couldn’t stop looking at it at first, it was like a trance as I listened to the single. I enjoyed the Apple sounds he slipped in there, as well as ending beat that switches up into another really fantastic beat. It reminds me of late night R&B/soul. His lyrics – if you listen to them closely are very poetic, and as a writer/poet myself I felt exactly what he intended to make me feel in his song. Addressing his post-break up woes, SVDP touches on the all- too-common urge to drunk text your ex:

“Despite what many may think, even a break-up takes some kind of commitment. Fighting the urge to continuously work out a toxic relationship…that’s the feeling I was trying to convey. Yeah sure, time heals all wounds, but the healing time is fucking brutal”.

The song begins with smooth soulful melodies from SVDP that moves into rap cadences that resemble The Pharcyde and eventually builds to a lush ‘future bass’ drop for the bridge. The track puts SVDP’s dynamic song writing skills on full display and proves why he’s an artist to keep an eye on this year.

Shan is 1/4 sideways, a Toronto-based crew also consisting of Coleman Hell, La+ch & Michah. The group of like-minded artists handle everything from songwriting and production to art direction and videos. Shan is currently working on his sophomore project to be released in the fall. Show some love to your local Toronto artist by clicking on the following links!

Glory Hallelujah, This just in! SVDP just dropped another banger, loving the #sideways vibes recently:

#indiepop #shanvincentdepaul #sideways

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