July 12, 2017


ONBC releases they’re first summer hit from a upcoming album this week! ONBC is planning to release the newest album in the Fall, but they definitely surprised us with a indie summer hit. The track “Tombstone”, is a mix between dream pop, indie, lo-if country and quite a bit of twang, delay and feedback. This album was recorded in Tambourine Studios and was released via Crunchy Frog. I must say this genre of music usually isn’t my cup of tea, but once I heard the 12-string guitar and the distorted bass I was intrigued. The guitar at the chorus really sticks out to me, and I have the wonderful Mikkel Max Jorn for that! The catchy and distinct vocals is done by Camilla Florentz and Tanya Forsberg Granhoj Simonsen. The whole song reminds me of patio vibes, in fact I played it on my patio at work on a gorgeous day – and the crowd seemed to enjoy it! I even had a co-worker tell me the drums were catchy as well, thanks to Ivan Peterson! What really got me hooked was the ending vocals because it worked perfectly with the fade out. I’ve never been into Indie pop before, but ONBC has me interested. We cannot wait for the album release in Fall 2017! Below is the link for “Tombstones” on SoundCloud, as well as ONBC’s Facebook page, you should definitely check them out!


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