July 10, 2017


Photo: Joanna Glezakos

Performing to a sold-out show at The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Blackbear brought not only his extremely talented voice, but energy, dynamic stage presence and effortlessly charming self. For those who don’t know Blackbear, let me start off my giving you the quick facts. Matthew Tyler Musto, also known professionally as Blackbear, is an American hip hop/R&B singer/song writer/producer. Most recently, he dropped his second full length album , Digital Druglord and formed an alternative duo, Mansionz with Mike Posner. It doesn’t stop there, Blackbear also has collaborated with numerous artists, such as: Justin Bieber, Gnash, Linkin Park, and many more.

Being a fan for a while now, I was super excited to see the artist perform live. The show featured Elhae and Lil Aaron as opening acts, both artists had excellent stage presence and highly engaged the large crowd. Elhae surprised the crowd with a performance from Canadian hip hop artist, Jazz Cartier, which ultimately hyped the crowd up for Blackbear.

Before Blackbear went on the DJ working with him brought the energy even more up with today’s popular songs, remixed and played one after another.

The artist choose to open up with a more serious emotional song titled, “hell is where I dreamt of u and woke up alone“ of the most recent album. Blackbear and his team wrote, recorded and produced all the songs under the label beartrap. This allowed Blackbear to have creative freedom over his songs, which is even more brilliant to hear live. Blackbear introduced each song by explaining the meaning behind them – fake girls, fame, drugs, etc without any filter. His lyrics are real, raw and hauntingly beautiful.

About halfway through Blackbear performed an acoustic version of “90210” and “Valley Girls.” The crowd had the most energy and excitement I have seen at a concert in a long time.

The show came to an end with the smash hit “Idfc,” and the rising hit song “do re mi.”

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