July 20, 2017


“Neva” was written and performed OShauN, a talented artist and rapper. This track was recorded in Brampton actually, at CTU Studios. “Neva” is an anthem about the hustle, and gives the nod to OShauN’s mom for instilling him with a stick-to-it mentality. I can always appreciate an artist for coming out and talking about the hustle, but especially an artist that gives appreciation to his family. This is the song of reassurance for riding out the waves, which all of us go through. Artistic growth and success don’t always happen at the same rate, and it can be extremely frustrating. It’s easy to want to give up. Especially when you know you’ve gotten good, but it’s taking the fans and listeners a little longer to catch on and be receptive. That is exactly what OShauN does in this song, as I have listened to it 4 times on repeat! If you listen 1:41 into the song, the beat switches up and the strong chorus get catchy and stuck in my head. Big appreciation to OShauN, keep your head up we love and support you! Check out his Instagram for hot fashion trends he has going on, and for updates! It’s worth the follow.

#everythingoshaun #neva #urban

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