July 26, 2017


As a producer and musician, Shel Bee has a unique grasp on her pop-forward sound. With an EP and multiple singles already under her belt, the LA singer-songwriter lets herself push the boundaries on her musical style with the latest release, “Deep End.” It’s an honest exploration of her feelings towards Los Angeles, and paints a love/hate story between girl and city, artist and entertainment machine.

“Deep End” boasts a light-heated and rhythmic acoustic guitar that will remind you of none other than Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” however, Shel Bee lyrics spread further than the legs of just another love story. A step forward for the young singer, it sheds off the romanticized post-pop sound that was cultivated on her debut EP, “Stomping Ground,” and reaches a more mature style. Blending in light beats and delicate instrumentation with a powerful letter to the city of angels, Shel Bee has found her niche in a paradoxical vision of sound and lyric.

The track features past collaborator, Vud, and Swedish producer, Martin W. After finding her voice with Vud on singles, “Mamma” and “All That Matters,” the two find harmony with Martin W. on “Deep End.” Together they illuminate things we don’t always want to hear about LA.

“This is a city of dirt/Yeah you know it’s gonna hurt/They don’t know what you’re worth,” sings the young artist. It’s not a story we haven’t heard before, in song, movie, or otherwise, but it has a pop-sensibility and ear worm potential that makes it something worth listening to.

Check out “Deep End” here

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