August 2, 2017


Coming with a track as hot as summer itself is L Devine, a singer songwriter hailing from New Castle, UK and her debut single “School Girls”. L takes an empathetic approach to tackling the growing pains of adolescence on “School Girls”, and does so with some top notch production, and powerful lyrics.

“School Girls” starts off with some feel good production courtesy of one of L Devine’s favourite producers Mickey Valens, but before long L jumps in to grab the attention of the listener with her motivating content, catchy pop feel, and soothing vocals.

The lyric video for “School Girls” has just premiered on Nylon and was designed by L’s friend Chloe who runs “Babe u ok?” an online community educating young women primarily about sexual and mental health, amongst a wide variety of topics all surrounding growing up, and being a teenager.

As young as 19, L who produces, plays a multitude of instruments, and writes, in addition to singing, quit her job and moved down to London with only 3 months of rent saved up. After sending some music back and forth with producer Mickey Valens, she ended up heading to the studio with him for a two week session.

“I messaged him and he sent me some tracks to see if I was any good. I had this set up in my room on Logic and got to work, sent it back and he loved it.” – L Devine on Micky Valens

L Devine and her positive attitude have a bright future in the music industry. It’s always welcome when a fresh new artist comes out with some motivating content talking about real every day issues. And with a voice such as hers, it doesn’t look like L is going anywhere anytime soon.

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