August 1, 2017


The Ready Set and The Summer Set come together for a new super group. Featuring members of both groups — Jordan W (of The Ready Set), Cameron Walker (The Ready Set collaborator) and Jess Bowen (of The Summer Set) make up Nekokat.

Nekokat’s debut single, “Gimme a Break” came out in June 2015. Since then the band released two EPs—Communication and Communication II while their most recent release, “Gimme a Break” dropped last month.

The stellar new band is back at it again with a new single, “Haunted.” The band teased fans earlier this month with clues on Twitter and messages of excitement for promises of new music.

Fans of The Ready Set and The Summer Set will be huge fans of “Haunted.” The sound of the new single, is something fans are used to. Why mess with a good thing? The song talks about “haunting” pass relationships, and the memories that come with it. The chorus of the song goes on to explain,

“You got me haunted,The way you say my nameIts bitter on your lips, but then it tastes like lemonadeYou know I want it, I’m begging you to stay.The moment that you left, I knew I would never be the same.”

The same lyrics shape the album cover art – blackened lemons.

Check out the new single

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