August 3, 2017


Back in May, Rapper G-Eazy dropped four new songs in a matter of two days to celebrate his 28th birthday. He carried on the tradition last night by revealing four at a time again, potentially from his third studio album, “The Beautiful & Damned.” Apparently the three below tracks except for “Get a Bag” surfaced on July 28th, even on Young Gerald’s Spotify, after being taken down then re-surfacing.

First I listened to was “Just Friends” Ft. Phem. Never heard of Phem, and after scouring the internet, seems no one else does either. This is one for exes:

“You could leave it all behindSometimes being blind is fineIf all you want is nothing at allYou could always try againIt hurts too much to know we’ve reached the end(Cause we’ll never be just friends x2)”

This one was that classic G-Eazy vibe, similar to “Marilyn” and “Tumblr Girls” but with a harder hitting snare.

“Get a Bag” features one of my childhood’s favourite rappers; Jadakiss. This one reminds me of G’s track “Achievement”, has that same type of oriental instrumental sample. Although not credited, we hear Remo the Hitmaker on the hook.

Gerald flaunts his ‘rockstar lifestyle’ and simply says life revolves around the money you make. With his rise in popularity thanks to hits like “Me, Myself and I”, G’s personal stock has made it easier to live a lavish life and help his day one family live the dream with him.

“I need 150k just for a walkthroughBut hit my agent bro, I’m not the guy to talk toMy rate is non-negotiable, you either buy or walkI got no time to talk, the bags are coming by the flockI’m never off, I’m working 5’o clock to 5’o clockI do my job until the day that I’m outlined in chalkI told my self, ‘One day this shit will finally pop’Fuck everybody, I’mma climb to the top”

Smooth vocals from Rexx Life Raj lead “Wave” into even smoother chords. This song follows G-Eazy on his career path through music. With so many ups, downs, and turns, he can never be still. Just has to ride the wave to shore.

“My first verse is my most vulnerableMy biggest fear is me getting comfortable20 people I don’t know all in the studioJust to text all their friends about who they chilling ’roundIt’s six in the morning bitch, why you still around?If I fell off tomorrow, then would you stick around?This money won’t make itself, gotta get it nowI don’t got no hobby, look all I do is workIf I feel like I’m slipping, I start to go berserk”

We finish it off with the only track without a feature, “Nothing Wrong”. This song contains a reference to Gerald’s relationship with singer Lana Del Rey. In her recent album Lust For Life, Lana included the song “In My Feelings”, which was a song about G-Eazy.

This was confirmed as she performed the song live via an Instagram video.

“Lana think I’m crazy, and I maybe amKilling hella brain cells in my craniumThe realest who did it, and got away with itThey pouring drugs on titties and now everybody sniffingShe acting shocked by it, guess we live a little differentI’m out here just mobbing in my Oakland A’s fittedI never sell my soul, I stay green and goldI knew I’d be a legend back since I was 10 years oldI knew I would be cold, his story would be toldImma have to fuck Jessica soon before she gets too old (Alba)”

Again the Bay Area legend is showing his versatility and no signs of showing down. Which is your favourite? Comment below.

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