August 7, 2017


I am super excited to be writing about this new artist, Ieuan! The first time I heard this song, “Day You Left Me”, I was automatically hooked. From his track cover on Soundcloud which is a Polaroid picture of him, his deep lyrics, all to his catchy vocals. I have this very Frank Ocean vibe coming from him, but with a different lyrical approach and catchy vocal-sample based production. I also hear tones of Blackbear from this production and vocal style.

As a listener I could relate with his lyrics as I too have felt like that, so it was nice to be able to feel so many emotions though a song. Ieuan is from West Hollywood, CA and is currently working on a 2018 album release, as well as his most recent album “Saint California”, is on Spotify! The first time I heard his single “Saint California” it had me dancing and wanting to hear more of his angelic, soothing voice. “The Day You Left Me” has a similar vibe which I enjoyed because it’s appropriate to play anytime of the day, no matter where or who you are with. What I also enjoyed about Ieuan is that in his lyrics he vocalizes his personal experiences in love, and his activism in the LGBTQ community which a lot more listeners and fans can relate they’re personal experiences through as well. In his song “The Day You Left Me”,

‘Cause the boy of my dreams took everything from me,

He took everything I own, I’m hung over and abandoned never

Believe what happened’.

Ieuan defiantly has my follow on Spotify, those heart felt lyrics and the bedroom style beats who could ask for more? Check out his Twitter and Instagram

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