August 8, 2017


The new single “Washed Up” from Bel Heir is a sound like no other.

Imagine a crossover of Weezer and Rage Against the Machine. This self-described “Beachpunk” band delivers relaxing, but also high energy vibes in this new song.

The 90’s styled, “Washed Up” is consistently mellow, but with cool kick breaks and unpredictable guitar riffs.

The lyrics are short, but fun. The first lyric setting the atmosphere and feeling of a hot day on the beach, melting in thought. In sync with the tone of the song, the chorus comes in;

“Wooah wooah woah / Will someone sink my ship / Wooah wooah woah / Before I sink to the bottom with it / I used to be in love with the rest of the world / I used to sing songs just to get with the girls / And now I feel so drunk and I’m kicked to the curb / Always a punk living up to the curse…”

The second lyric intensifies the atmosphere set by the first, describing a tripped out, “spinning out” feeling of confusion, intoxication, and confliction. The chorus is repeated again.

By making the lyrics shorter, the band puts emphasis on the chorus. Which in my opinion, is a reflection of the bands recent hiatus and re-emergence back into the scene with a new sound and new outlook. Perhaps feeling a lack of inspiration and motivation, the band has worked the past two years to come back with a bang.

The track finishes as it started, with high energy but a mellow vibe.

Bel Heir has worked tirelessly with RCA for the past two years before dropping the “Washed Up” EP on this past July 21st.

Their whole EP is up on the Soundcloud and stay tuned to Bel Heir’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for updates more releases!

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