August 8, 2017


Today the Official Music family debuts with their first official release ”Summer” an explosive pop-track that showcases the raw talent of the OM-artists. “Summer” is the perfect summer-soundtrack for endless nights and good times!

Behind the letters OM, you’ll find the new Danish music-family/collective Official Music. The Copenhagen-based collective creates their music in an old church tower overlooking the lakes in the centre of the Danish capital. The vocals in the group are perfect for the background beat. The beat also reminds me of very summer pop hit by Calvin Harris. 1:25 seconds into the song is what got me hooked, with the catchy lyrics and the beats. What I found interesting is Official Music is a gathering of young and colourful artists, songwriters and producers who have one big thing in common: talent! Official Music is also a musical family who creates and releases their music in unity. It’s a family where music rushes through the veins and creativity flows free.

With an offset in pop music, the different artists in the Official Music-family create a distinct sound that beautifully portrays the differences of all the artists. Together they write and compose music as a name of their own, and also for a lot of different artists outside the collective. Official Music’s newest signed family member songwriter, producer and guitar/vocals “someone”, is the 19 year old young man behind the vocal of ‘Summer’ and for this young raw talent, it´s just the beginning.

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