August 9, 2017


Fresh from Brooklyn, New York comes Aaron Taos with his 4th single; “Not Over Yet” from his newest project, “All Things Go”.

The track starts off slow and melodic for the first few seconds, then hits the listener with an awesomely unexpected kick of synth into the lyrics, giving off a tropical party vibe.

Although the tempo is upbeat, the lyrics are a little more reflective; “I don’t know if we left on a high note / Or if we still got our eyes closed / The fate of what we might see / Cause we’ve been / Trying to stay in the moment / Steering clear of our emotions / Things were getting too deep / And I told you that I love you / Ain’t no question that I care / I just need to clear some space in my head / Three years still and countin’/ It’s no wonder that were doubtin’ / But we can’t let it end like this / It’s not over yet…”.

The song’s style is similar to that of Kygo vs. Chainsmokers, a head-nod type of tune with a consistent beat. While consistent however, the tone of the song still sets up the chorus drop, and lyrically, Taos coincides with the beat.

When asked about the lyrics, Aaron said it is an “almost break-up song”, further describing a situation many listeners can relate to; “For me, ‘Not Over Yet’ is an almost break-up song. After being with someone for awhile, you eventually ask yourself; “Where is this going?’, ‘Are we still good?’, ‘Are we stagnating?’. The song is about wanting to grow as an individual without leaving the person you love. It’s a reflection more than anything else…and that’s a positive thing to me. Even though the relationship is entering a new stage with new questions, it’s not over”.

After reading this quote, I heard the song much differently. I can’t think of a better way to describe this feeling that all too many couples experience after being together for a long time. Taos hits the nail on the head lyrically, detailing that although the relationship has indeed changed over the years (as it should, to a degree), rather than be afraid, bored, “doubtful”, or distant, to see it as a new and exciting chapter. Almost like getting to know the newer and evolved sides of your partner. While this type of reflection can sometimes lead to “almost break-up” thoughts, Taos has faith in his love and always comes to the same conclusion; “It’s not over yet…”. Want to hear how it all ends? Check out the song “Not Over Yet” on Soundcloud!

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