August 11, 2017


Indie-pop songwriter/artist Gabriela Francesca has released her second single of the summer. “Fever” is Francesca’s take on disco with a vibrant and playful female-empowerment twist, in which she explores the possibilities of turning the tables on a partner who’s been inattentive. Interesting…

The nostalgic, early-80’s vibe of the track combines with Francesca’s cheeky, irreverent lyrics, taunting melody and and one-of-a-kind brazen vocals to create a glowing alternate disco-reality, in which listeners can imagine her in the middle of a nightclub dance floor spinning, carefree under the shimmer of a mirror ball. “Fever” is the second released collaboration between Gabriela Francesca and LA-based producer/artist GEO. The album art for this single is also very 80’s pop, which again I love the aesthetic.

The white-hot, fiery track is a top contender to be the new late-summer anthem and leave playlists ablaze. Francesca’s vision for the music video was brought to life by photographer/director Elena Kulikova, and is set to release the same day. The disco vibes in the song really attracted me but the lyrics all written by the artist herself, tell the story of a night on the town without the approval of a controlling partner. The real mischief comes in at the hook, when she reveals her hopes to stir up some jealousy and anger in said partner. “I don’t care how made you get; I wanna give you a fever. I wanna give you a taste of your own medicine, so choke it down and call me in the morning.” An infectious synth line follows, urging listeners to dance like nobody’s watching (or better yet, like an ex is watching, sounds hot either way).

The bright and sparkly soul of her latest single “Hallucinate” remains in “Fever”, but the new single has a grounded, self-assured energy, different than that found in “Hallucinate”’s questioning and lovesick lyrics. In this incarnation, Francesca is a fearless and empowered woman, taking matters into her own hands. It’s an anthem for anyone taking back their power in an unfulfilling relationship, and is reminiscent of Catey Shaw, Maroon 5 and Chromeo. Don’t we all love a good musical drama between artists? What I really loved about her lyrics were she can relate to almost every common break up, and the attitude Women feel afterwards but instead of feeling emotional she wants Women to feel empowered and sexy, and to go out and have a good time. This song is perfect for going out post-break up with your girls.

A native Chicagoan raised in a Mexican-American family, Gabriela Francesca Carrillo goes by her first and middle name as an artist-songwriter living and working in Los Angeles. Her past releases have gained her ranks on Spotify’s Hipnotrix and Fresh Finds playlists and performances on stages like the Resident in Los Angeles, C3 Rooftop in Guadalajara, MX and the Roman Arena in Bucharest, Romania. Best of luck to you Darling, we hope to feature you again!

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