August 14, 2017


Kings of Leon kicked off their tour in California on April 25th with special guests Deer Hunter until May and Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats joining them since. Last night the band made a stop in Toronto for their WALLS Tour and took on the Budweiser Stage. This was the perfect venue for their fans to mingle over drinks at the outdoor event.

The first song I ever heard from Kings of Leon was from their 2008 album release titled “Only By The Night”. Most of this album was written under the influence of recovering from shoulder surgery at home by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Caleb Followill. Some pain medication and a bottle of wine later, Use Somebody was born— a record that created the biggest roar from the crowd. This was the song that sparked my interest and I have been a fan of them since. 9 years since its release and I had the pleasure of screaming the words with the crowd.

It was an incredible moment. As soon as they were done singing Fans there was a second of silence as they tuned their instruments to prepare for Use Somebody. From the first note, fans screamed of excitement and immediately sang along from the first word all the way to the last. It is always interesting to see how monumental a performance can be to someone at any concert. While everyone in the crowd shares the same interest and love for the band, everyone also has their own experiences and interpretations from each song.

Fans of every age surrounded the venue. From the young girl vibrantly bouncing up and down throughout the night, to the young adults raising their drinks and to the couples who have been together even before the band’s debut EP Holy Roller Novocaine in 2003. The Budweiser Stage was packed with laughter, head bobbing, swaying and a round of applause during and after each song. Although there wasn’t much communication from the band with the crowd in-between performances like most concerts, the bands talent made up for it. The night was all about the rock ballads under a full moon with good company.

Kings of Leon performed their most famous hits Sex on Fire and Use Somebody as well as a mix of crowd favourites off multiple albums including Taper Jean Girl, WALLS, Mary, Notion, Radioactive, Crawl and Waste a Moment. The crowd was never disappointed as the band played a range of their success over the years.

The Kings of Leon concert was an incredible night out in town with great friends, music and drinks. Caleb gave Toronto a shout out during the show, expressing their love for the city and said we were the biggest crowd they performed to so far in the tour.

Toronto definitely knows how to show our guests a good time!

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