August 22, 2017


From the suburbs to centre stage, Cynthia Nabozny, or CYN as she is better known as, has transcended her normal life in Michigan and emerged as a pop-star protege to Katy Perry. With her new summer single, “Together” currently generating streams across the internet, CYN presents herself as a prominent young artist to watch.

The singer first creeped onto Katy Perry’s radar after striking up a relationship with the pop-star’s opening act, DJ Skeet Skeet. While the two musicians would ultimately become friends, this relationship would be the key to receiving the right exposure. When Perry fell in love with CYN’s soft, angelic vocals, she became the next signing onto the star’s label, Unsub Records.

With the right platform to show off her talents, CYN continues to develop her image and build on her delicate and lyrical sound. With a voice that serves as a mere contradiction to the pronunciation of her stage name (CYN is a play on the word “sin”), Nabozny lets both her vocal chords and lyrics float effortlessly over poppy beats. Some of her past releases, like “Something,” and “The Only Lo Lo,” are introductions to the flowery style of her artistry. In her latest release, “Together,” the singer branches past this sound, and presents us with something more optimistic and spirited.

On “Together,” CYN takes stylistic influence from the “girl-next-door” persona, a kind of innocence that is all too well paired with the hint of mysteriousness in voice. Her lyricism on the track plays upon inseparable pairings to compare with the ultimate romance, but she lets her bold imagination colour the pop song with bright imagery. “Like the moon in the night/Can’t have one without the other/Like a bird and its flight/they just make more sense together,” she sings over the tropical, bouncy, and perfect for summer beats.

Listen to CYN’s catchy tune, “Together,” here

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