August 22, 2017


Toronto’s home-grown rap sound has spread its influences wide, and found a home in Nanu Alidina’s own style. With past releases like “905” and “6-Gang,” Alidina boast a dark-toned production with heavy, uncensored lyrics.

On “Crown,” the MC focuses his attention on the potent experience of psychedelic drugs trips. Alidina describes his drug of choice, stating it is an “Ayahuasca-dream DMT in my cup,” a trip that he boasts is much heavier than lean or THC. With a trip much more likely to get you in touch with higher spirits, Alidina sets out to showcase the lucid experience in his music video, where he ventures off the beaten trail.

Filmed in a tranquil and solitary swamp-like forest, Nanu Alidina is seen perched on a rock in the middle of a river with a cup filled with his trip-enhancing drugs. As he consumes the liquid, he moves through a path surrounded by forest and rough terrain. It’s a simplistic setting, off-putted by weird camera angles and fuzzy visions of the rapper’s adventure that show us the high has well-kicked in. As the video progresses, his surroundings become more colourful and strange.

Well on his way to touching the higher ground, Alidina attempts to bring us into his drug-fuelled universe.

You can watch the video for “Crown” here

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