August 25, 2017


The backroom of The Piston was buzzing with local Toronto talent on Thursday night. The intimate venue was an ideal location to celebrate The Nursery’s new album release “Life After Wartime”. Starting the night off were special guests Beautiful Nothing- an eighties inspired group that commands the stage with their cathartic blend of moving electronics and bass heavy sound. Lyrically, the group delves into topics of nostalgia and youthfulness- feelings that were indisputably communicated with the audience during the show. Next to hit the stage was eclectic musician/songwriter/producer Marlon Chaplin. The evolving artist has shifted gears from his folk-centric beginnings to a sharper psychedelic rock feel. Highlights included newest single “Annabelle + Someone”, a track that weaves electric guitars and synthesizers into sorrowful lyrics. “Annabelle who will you fool, yourself or someone new?” is a caution for repeated mistakes and unhealthy lifestyle choices that not only become self-destructive but also harmful to others. Though Marlon Chaplin has departed from his folk roots in recent content, songs like popular “Carmeline” from his album “Wanderer by Trade” released in May 2016 were equally refreshing. Also notable were the haunting synths and harmonizing vocals of Sintja, and the rest of the band who helped in creating such a dynamic performance. Featured band, The Nursery, certainly did not disappoint and delivered quite a spectacle for a packed house of eager fans. The visceral storytelling that unfolded from the existentially driven group was worth every minute. Their new album “Life After Wartime” was released on July 7th and deals with the ups and downs of the human condition as well as “discovering yourself amidst pure chaos.” The 3-piece band, founded by Alex Pulec (guitar/voice) and Victor Ess (bass/keys) formed The Nursery with drummer Josh English back in 2014. The Nursery navigates the overarching theme of mortality which bluntly presented itself in standouts of the night like “Human Race” and “Life After Wartime.” Singer Alex Pulec momentarily transported the audience into a different realm with his natural stage presence and fiery vocals. Lyrics like “Without material things, your suitcases all must be empty” from the track “Empty Suitcases” really emphasize the bands enduring commentary on society’s ongoing obsession with technology. Experiencing this live show will have you appreciating The Nursery’s music in a whole new way and maybe even pondering life a little. If this isn’t enough incentive to go out and see them perform then what is?

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